Wholesale distribution of Parklon mats, iFam playpens and toy organizers from South Korea
Sell the products with no less than 70% profit margin
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Become our partner in selling Parklon and iFam brands
70% profit margin
We provide extra discounts for products if you have successful sales results
Single price for retail sales
We monitor that all partners set a single price
Return of the product
If you struggle to sell the product within a few months, you can return it back
Assistance in sales
We consult, train, and provide material for posting on social media and samples for displays
Quality product for end-users
South Korea is famous for caring attitude to children and high quality products for children
Mats designs are tested multiple times. First, the children play on test mats and employees of the factory monitor the reaction of the children. If the children like the design, it can be introduced to mass production.
Parklon mats are hypoallergenic, ecological and scent-free. This result was achieved by numerous processing stages for “evaporation” of excessive substances from polyethylene.
Mats are long-lasting, do not absorb the moisture, sustain colours even after repeatedly frequent wet cleaning.
Due to the firm surface, quality materials and tightly stitched edges, play mats have resalable condition for a long time, even after active games.
Mat’s design is not just a picture. It is a playing field that helps children to learn and develop.
Parklon mats are safe: they do not slide across the floor and are soft enough to protect the children from injuries and scratches.
Nice design and pastel colours attract the main customers – both children and their parents
This furniture attracts the customers who care about the look of the playpen and the toy organizer in the room.
There are embossed images on the surface of the playpen for development of fine motor skills.
Furniture plastic is scent-free and smooth to the touch. The factories in South Korea use gas, what makes the production process more ecological and safer.
Neutral colours are suitable for any interior and do not cause annoyance. There are no screws: it is easy to assemble and store.
Playpens and toy organizers
Stylish furniture for children will become a part of the interior
Единственный официальный представитель
Parklon, iFam и JoyBuild
в России
Astrade holding has been working for more than 7 years. It affiliates several dozens of importers of foreign products to Russia. Cosmetics, food products, and household goods from South Korea and Japan, are exported to Russia as a result of Astrade’s work.
An exclusive official representative of
Parklon and iFam, but not only
Skincare cosmetics
Household goods
Products for health
Единственный официальный представитель
Parklon, iFam и JoyBuild
в России
How is 70% profit margin calculated?

You buy a mat for 2750 RUB (€31) without Russian taxes, and sell it for €79. If you have good sale results, we can provide extra discounts and your profit margin can reach 100%.
We comply with the terms of the contract: all partners sell the products at a single price.

We are first timers in Europe, but Parklon and iFam are not the new brands. Our products are sold in the leading stores in Russia. Last year Astrade successfully entered the markets in six countries: Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus. Now we are headed on market in the EU.
Sales geography
Customers will thank you
Sell the products that you would buy for your own children. You will not have to worry about the quality – we have rare cases of returns and defects. Customers will receive a truly unique product, and you – a reputation of a good seller.
Quality approved by the experts
Parklon and iFam – are one of the best brands of products for children in Russia, and now it is official. As a result of the prestigious award Golden Bear 2019, we received 2 awards:
The best furniture (collection)
3rd place award in nomination The best furniture (collection) – for iFam Design Toy organizer

The best products for babies
2nd place award in nomination The best products for babies – for Parklon Pure Soft mats
We will find the best delivery method, organize it, and prepare the contract. We also provide a further assistance: we will help you with technical challenges and point out the mistakes. Every seller has a personal marketing specialist, which assists during each step and helps to increase the sales.
We provide detailed instructions for employees. We will inform what to do if the product has defects, how to arrange a return, how to handle customer’s objections and answers the questions.
Minimum efforts
Product training
We help you sell the products
24/7 support for sellers.
If you have difficulties to answer the question of your customers, we will consult you any time.
If you struggle to sell the product – we will buy it in.
If the product is not sold for 3 months, we will buy it in at the same price.
We provide quality photos for posting on the internet.
For social media
Frequently asked questions
What is the minimum purchase amount?
70 000 RUB (€800)
Do you ship to any country?
I have found a place with a lower product’s price.
We look after the prices, protecting our partners. If you have found a lower price, please inform us, and we will solve this problem.
Yes, we can ship to almost any country in the EU, except just a few locations.
How to become our partner?
Send a request and we will contact you shortly. We also provide few mats for your development.
Send a request and we will contact you shortly. A bonus for our new partners: three mats as a gift!
Contact us:
Phone: +7 (985) 710-04-37

Terminal BD6, 7, Yanichkin proezd, Kotelniki city, Moscow region

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